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MY WAY by Sandi Wilson

“I looked at this man whom I had loved, admired and indeed feared all my life, and I felt such pain and grief for him. He couldn’t fathom in his addled mind, that this was going to be his new life now. Thoughts of guilt, regret, pain…all wrapped up into this moment, and I had to be the one to tell him, ‘this is your new home now Dad.'” With candid honesty, emotional depth, topped with moments of humour; come along and see how it went for one woman, as we take, ‘A Daughter’s Journey into the World of Dementia.” Price includes standard postage.


A WHISPER IN THE STORM by Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson – PRE-ORDER

Real life stories, as told to award winning Poet, Counsellor and Minister, Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson. Weaving hope, tragedy, loss, joy, pain and redemption into a beautiful tapestry, Dr Dobson takes us on a journey into the lives of real life heroes, and beyond. Price includes standard postage.



GEORGE’S WORLD – WHERE IS MY DAD? by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

George’s World – Where is my Dad?, is the story of a little boy from a single parent family, who wonders where his father is. With notes and insight from industry professionals, George’s World takes you on a journey and ultimate conclusion of love and acceptance. Price includes standard postage.



FROM THE SHADOWS OF MY SOUL by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

Taking real life stories, inspirational artwork and poignant poetry, Dr Dobson takes us on a journey into the hopes and transformation of several unique heroes. Dr Dobson skilfully steps into the shoes of an eclectic range of courageous folk and gives each one of them a unique voice. Price includes standard postage.


FROM TEARS TO TRIUMPH by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson’s debut non-fiction book, From Tears to Triumph, takes the reader into a unique multi-faceted journey. Combining real life stories, poetry and skilfully written devotionals, Dr Dobson invites you into a deeper journey within your heart and the heart of the Heavenly Father. Price includes standard postage.


A NEW SEASON, A NEW SONG by Sharmaine Anna Dobson

Combining instrumental song, audio poetry and devotionals written by Ps Dave Goosen, Meri Styler, Rev. Colleen Doyle and Dr Sharmaine Dobson. Recording artists: Dr Sharmaine Dobson, Dr Lynne Hamilton, and Jesse John Jabore. Also available as a MP3 from Price includes standard postage.


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