Mirabelle by Sandi Wilson

'Mirabelle is about one woman's journey from heartache, loneliness and despair to healing, wholeness and joy. The author (Sandi) takes the reader on an adventure, of discovery, delight, relationship and wisdom. Woven into these pages is a beautiful allegorical expression of the unconditional and reckless love of Father God. Mirabelle is a message of Love and Hope, it challenges you to look into your own heart/garden, and to discover your true identity.' J.E. Allen


My Way – A Daughter’s Journey into the World of Dementia

After the shock arrest of my Father, to the loss of his beloved car, join me in the journey that we were thrust into which culminated in Dad's placement into care. With emotional depth, candid honesty and some humour along the way, join me on the 'journey into Dementia.'