Book Reviews

Mirabelle by Sandi Wilson

“It goes without saying that some books are a good read and inspiring as well. Well, this book is a great read and beyond inspiring!!! I’ve taken so many special and, new to me, thoughts from this book. It set me talking to God in a new and deeper way! A must-read.” J. Vach

“I met the author on a trip to Israel. So glad I did or I might have missed this
little gem of a book. An amazing journey….” D. Darling

“This was an interesting read, I love a book that can engage me and boy did you have me crying out for these broken but special woman. If I could choose only one thing which I took away it was that I could take heart in my own journey forever growing in the Lord. Amen.”
M. Allen

“Wow! This book is so good you may not be able to put it down. I read it over a few days and it challenged my thinking about things. It’s beautifully and powerfully written to allow and nudge others to be vulnerable and real and look deeper into both who and how they are and then how things are so they can know true love joy peace and healing which is who Papa is. Thank you, Sandi, for sharing insight into Israel and making it come alive on paper and let me feel like I’m there, even though I’ve not been yet! I’m excited for the rest of the books you’ll write!” P. Blackie

“A story of self-discovery and healing told through the eyes of Mirabelle, facing and reconciling one’s past and coming to terms with the effects of the present and future. Mirabelle highlights the love of Abba Father God (Papa) and how He walks with us through the journey of healing. Sandi Wilson has, in writing this book, given hope and encouragement to anyone who has had trauma in their lives. She has conveyed that, with Abba Father Papa, we can all receive healing and restoration. A highly recommended read.” S. Orme

“I found this book so thought-provoking. You can’t help but feel immense compassion and also at the same time a sense of wonder and curiosity. Sandi puts words beautifully to traumatic scenes that one would never want to face and although some raw topics are covered, it is done so in a delicate and empathetic way that leads you to believe that there is a loving God who can go beyond the worst of circumstances and draw you into a place of beauty, rest, identity and healing in his presence. My take away from this book has definitely been curiosity! What and who can God be to me if I let my walls down enough to see what he is really capable of! Inspiring read!” D. Kloosterboer

“Mirabelle is a great inspiring read which we both thoroughly enjoyed and laced
with great spiritual elements. Great read!!!” S. McNulty

“I thoroughly enjoyed Mirabelle’s journey through Israel. I have never been there, but the author opened my eyes to places, historical facts, insights and possibilities I found incredible! It was this part of the book I couldn’t put down! Thank you!” T. Rabey

“Sandi is a gifted storyteller who captures your heart on the first page. She knows the heart of God and her passion to share this with the world is riveting. I recommend this wonderful book to anyone who wants to be transported into Mirabelle’s world and in the process find yourself closer to God. I look forward to Sandi’s next book.” S. Dobson

“A book of hope. Mirabelle embodies a journey through brokenness and discouragement. With truths embedded as gems, the reader progresses through to find there IS a solution and there is someone who really does care. A thoughtful and honest look at life, the author brings Papa alive.”
J. Orme

“The vicissitudes of life, of people, of circumstances beyond our control, can plunge us into place beyond what we could ask for or imagine. What was meant for evil, can be redeemed and translated by the One who meets us in our darkness and guides us into the Garden of His heart. The author took this reader on a personal and intimate journey of redemption, showing through her characters how our human frailties and vulnerabilities and the truths of
ourselves they represent, can find peace and forgiveness and be teachers giving
us meaning in suffering and beauty in the ashes.”
P. Two-Spirits

“I love this story; it is beautifully written. Mirabelle is about one woman’s journey from heartache, loneliness and despair to healing, wholeness and joy. The author (Sandi)takes the reader on an adventure, of discovery, delight, relationship and wisdom. Woven into these pages is a beautiful allegorical expression of the unconditional and reckless love of Father God. Mirabelle is a message of Love and Hope, it challenges you to look into your own heart/garden, and to discover your true identity.” J. Allen

“Mirabelle wants to ‘live from the heart’. That is also how Sandi has written this book, from her heart. The author brings the reader along on a spiritual journey through travel, relationships and experiences on many levels. Well written and thought provoking.”
K. Stanley-Hunt

“A book that takes you on a beautiful personal journey, with all its highs and lows. The author’s creative and enchanting writing style ensures every page is brimming with passion.
Bravo.” TopCat67

“A captivating book that touches the soul in a unique and original way. Can’t wait for more from this fabulous author!” KiwiAbroad

“Mirabelle captures a story of a girl…who grows to a woman, blending her life’s
journey with its bittersweet ups and downs, while woven into an allegorical tale that explores the soul, spirit and imagination. There will be a chapter that resonates with your truth. Or perhaps it will reveal a truth that you have not
yet imagined. Find a cosy spot and curl up with this easy to read novel. There were moments where I wanted the writer to give me more…. the next chapter of Mirabelle’s life may be in the sequel?” T.J. Kirkley

“A journey of Spiritual discovery, Mirabelle is dragged from the depths of despair grasping the hand of hope. Battered and bruised along the way, she finds life and healing and the greatest love she’s ever known. Using wonderful descriptives and poetic verse, the author guides the reader along this journey, causing the reader to look inward and perhaps deal with their own destructive roots that may have taken hold. Surely, any book that leaves the reader changed for the better, is a book worth reading?”
K. Morrish

“This book kept me captivated the entire time. Sandi Wilson has a form of writing that draws you in and holds on to you till the end. Amazing work was done by an amazing woman.”
M. Neilsen

“Amazing read couldn’t put it down very excited to see what comes next, so thought-provoking.”

“Deep, dark, emotive, moving. Fascinating reading!”
L. Williams

“Having just finished this book I am astonished in the journey of the characters
Mirabelle and Alex. Well written and very thought-provoking as the stories
touched some tender nerves in my own life along the way. Roll on the next instalment.”
Kiwi Moonbeam

“Such an amazing read! It’s so awesome to finally have a copy!” Princess Horacio Hornsnoggle

“Absolutely gripping read! Finished in one sitting over a delightful cuppa tea. Mirabelle is
thought provoking, heart wrenching, and brings a chuckle here and there. I hope Sandi Wilson
writes many more books; her written language is captivating.” Taonga