Hi and welcome to my page about…..me!

I guess I’m a wordsmith.  I love words.  I pick up a book and go straight for the blurb.  I want to read the middle section, the end and then maybe the beginning!

But then again, I’ve always been like this.

Hours spent laying in a hammock on the front lawn of our farm, reading all the novels I could find in my parents library, as well as the library at school.  Floating off into imaginary worlds, wondering about foreign cultures, places beyond the rural world I was living in….

Then one sweet day a few years back, what started with this blog turned into my darling husband suggesting I quit my job, to stay home and write…!  He knew I had at least one book inside of me – and so I did!  That was by far a great leap of faith for him, and a very strange world for me to enter into.  It took nine months for the inspiration to come, but when it did it flowed like the proverbial Niagra Falls.  Sleep became a time of plot lines, characters and imaginings, early morning rises when I could be my most creative without waking the whole family.  It was such a wonderful time.

And then eventually I was picked up, to my utter shock, for a Publishing Contract.Ā  My debut novel was published and went over the stratosphere including over 400 websites worldwide.Ā  I never dreamed this could be possible – but then again, alot of us can say that! That dream turned into something of a problem, and I ended up parting ways with my Publisher, and regaining my full rights.

Present day, and we have established a small Publishing House, where we work in partnership to bring about your Literary vision. For more information on this, please visit: http://www.sparklemoonpublishing.net.

Thanks so much for stopping by…..

In the meantime, be blessed šŸ™‚

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