A HUGE congratulations to Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson, for the release of her new book, “A Whisper in the Storm!”

What a time we have had getting this book from it’s original inception, to it’s actual release. We have faced many a blockage, and yet here we are.

Dr Sharmaine Anna Dobson

Many people have contributed their stories towards this book. Stories of abuse, gang life, marriage woes, satanic rituals, loneliness, abandonment – these people are heroes – that is the key thing Dr Dobson wants others to know.

The knowledge that walking in our midst, are people who have overcome insurmountable odds, and found redemption at their lowest point. They could be you or me – they ARE you and me.

A Whisper in the Storm

So please, go to our store and pick up a copy today. If you are in NZ, please take advantage of the FREE postage offer, for a limited time.

If you’re overseas, please visit, bookdepository, kindle, etc.

Also, please visit Dr Dobson on her website:

With much gratitude,
Sandi xx

Author: Sandisparklewilson

Sandi is a published author, as well as Co-Director of SparkleMoon Publishing.

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